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The National Institute for Young Adults (NIYA) is in the process of submitting a public Charter School Application to start a high school military academy in Baltimore City. We invite you to read the Executive Summary for the charter application. We invite you to read the entire charter school application.

I hope our students will see this institution as a place they look forward to going in their freshman year and a place they hate to leave in their senior year. That cannot happen unless we instill a hunger to learn and a thirst for knowledge. BCMA will be a home away from home that allows our students to discover themselves and their inner talents, to experiment with life, and serve as a launch pad for career success. My message to each student is, by not giving it your best or trying as hard as you can, you give yourself an excuse to fall short of your goals. What I know for sure is every student, every teacher, and every parent has at least two choices in every challenge they face. Those two choices are to try or not to try; to attempt to do our best or to do just enough to get by; to succeed or to fail. No matter what you decide, it is your decision and yours alone.

Vincent T. Taylor
Founder of the National Institute for Young Adults

As part of the public charter school application, we must determine the interest of  Baltimore City residents in the establishment of a high school military academy in their school district. Please click here to go to the BCMA survey.

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