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The Young Leaders Development Initiative:

Leadership in the 21st Century requires attributes relating to character which are similar to, but at the same time, different from those of the past. Values and principles such as integrity, courage, vision and determination are unchanging leadership qualities. The ability to deal with uncertainty, complexity and a globalized economy are, on the other hand, new leadership requirements. The very role of a leader is changing —from the old command and control model of the 20th century to a new role as motivator, facilitator, team leader, coach, strategist and steward.
The Young Leaders Development Initiative of the IICA administration promotes that development of leaders with a global vision. This initiative will provide a unique opportunity for young professionals associated with agriculture and rural life in the Americas to expand their understanding of global issues and to assist in the development of an inter-American network of young leaders who can effectively transform the agricultural sector of the Americas.’
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