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Stages in the history of IICA

  • Establishment (1942-1945)
  • Consolidation (1946-1949)
  • Decentralization (1950-1959)
  • Humanistic Projection (1970-1980)
  • Reaching Agreement (1981-1985)
  • Reactivation of Agriculture (1986-1993)
  • Beyond a Sectoral Vision (1994-2001)
  • Promoting Prosperity in Rural Communities (2002-2006)

Today, 34 IICA offices the length and breadth of the hemisphere are working to meet the needs of the countries in areas such as: trade and agribusiness development; sustainable rural development; agricultural health and food safety; technology and innovation; education and training; and information and communication.

Thanks to the efforts undertaken by the nations of the Americas, with IICA support for the last 65 years, the Heads of State and Government today recognize that agriculture and rural life have a key role to play in alleviating poverty and fostering integral development in the countries