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Schafer and Associates offers customized training to meet the specialized training needs or your company or organization.
Schafer and Associates charges by the day allowing companies and agencies to maximize training attendance. 


Schafer and Associates offers a full range of interviewing/interrogation courses to include:

  • Rapport Building
  • Elicitation
  • Detecting Deception
  • Breaking the Interview Impasse
  • PNA Interview/Interrogation Techniques
  • Statement Analysis using PNA Techniques
Schafer and Associates also offers a service to analyze written and oral statements to determine the behavioral characterizes and veracity interviewees.


PNA is a powerful tool for legal professionals to identify where witnesses, plaintiffs, and defendants intentionally withheld information during depositions. Once these information gaps are identifies, the Micro-Action Interview can be used to benignly extract the missing information exposing the truth. Schafer and Associates teaches lawyers these vital techniques to gain a strategic advantage during depositions and in courtroom testimony.

chafer and Associates also offers a service to analyze depositions using PNA techniques to identify where in depositions people withheld information. Using this information prosecutors and defense attorneys can develop effective direct and cross examination strategies.  

Psychopathology of Hate/Terrorism

Why can't haters stop hating? Why do people become suicide bombers. Why do people join hate groups? The Psychopathology of Hate/Terrorism answers these and many other questions about how and why people commit acts of hate and terrorism.

The Psychopathology of Hate/Terrorism provides investigators with practical tools to obtain confessions and actionable intelligence.


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