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Information Technology

“Systems need to run, hardware needs to be up-to-date, longer term architecture strategy needs to be developed and executed upon, transformation programs need to be rolled out, capabilities need to be delivered, and proper governance around information security and risk needs to be ensured.”

CIO Insight Magazine
2nd Quarter 2010, p. 43
Don Desiderato — Writer

Our working environments are rapidly changing to the momentum of the digital age. DigiGraph Media's information technology team, lead by Michael Dolhon (CTO), Kevin Dove (Creative Director/Web Designer) and Michael Carter (Art Director/Web Designer), recognize the complexities and demands for today's IT industry.

Michael Dolhon
Chief Technology Officer

With 20 years of experience, Michael Dolhon understands the importance of IT evolution and its complicated nature. This knowledge instills confidence in clientele that their IT concerns are in safe hands and their IT future is secure.

  Kevin Dove
Creative Director & Web Designer

Kevin Dove’s attentiveness toward current and future web design, coupled with his vast knowledge of information technology, is demonstrated in his 30 years of producing award-winning designs for DigiGraph Media’s clientele.

  Michael Carter
Art Director & Web Designer

Michael Carter also brings more than 30 years of experience as an Art Director and graphic designer. His meticulous attention to detail and design are both hailed by clients and colleagues alike.



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