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ScientistThe National Institute for Young Adults (NIYA) prides itself on creating an Institution that is unlike any other learning organization. All faculty and staff serving with NIYA will be highly scrutinized and will go through a rigorous recruitment process. We know that the success of our program rests on the quality of our staff. Therefore, we seek out the most energized, skilled, compassionate and motivating professionals across the country.

Why Choose NIYA?Teachers and student

  • Smaller student/teacher ratio — will allow us to pay attention to individual needs.
  • We will not lecture our students — we will engage our students.
  • We will encourage each student to reach their full potential.
  • Quality of faculty — we will recruit and select the best.
  • Our goal is to employ teachers with advanced degrees.
  • Quality of resources — we will go far and above what is required to provide our students with resources such as an electronic library, theater facilities, athletic complexes, and interactive classrooms.
  • Challenging academic standards — we incorporate “common standards.”Teen scientist
  • Broad course offerings. We will offer AP options and a wide range of other topics. We also will offer extracurricular options which encourage students to try new things.
  • College counseling — Our counselors will be experienced at helping applicants identify appropriate schools and advising them on acceptance requirements at competitive institutions.
  • Making choices that matter and taking responsibility. At NIYA, we will teach students to take care of themselves and take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Students will be taught to make choices around how to create a reasonable balance between work and play which translates to increased maturity and self-sufficiency.

Students in front of lawnStudents will create their own community where the willingness to explore new things is inherent in the student body. Students will meet new people from all walks of life, find their place in a new community, learn new skills and subjects, and challenge themselves to a higher academic standard. With every little challenge that NIYA presents, students learn a little bit more about him or herself and becomes more confident and comfortable with themselves. The exposure to new cultures and diversity is an education in and of itself.

The friendships that you make in this environment will be ones NIYA students will remember for life. These friendships include students from all across the United States from a wide range of geographic, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds.

  • Having faculty as mentors and having them regularly available — students are exposed to faculty in a variety of settings throughout the day creating learning and mentorship opportunities that are hard to find in other environments.
  • Being part of a proud community — Traditions and history drives school character, as such NIYA will influence each student and create a strong network of people and a feeling of community that lasts for life.

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Phone: 410-814-7574
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