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The logo is the single most important image of any company or product. At it's best, it will communicate the essence of an entity with clarity and brevity. Here are a few logos that we have designed over the years and the messages behind them.


ClientSat logo   EducaidTechnlogy logo

Message: Helping you, the individual, achieve.

Message: Academic excellence.
Food Security Conference logo Caption Reporters Inc. logo
Client: IICA-OAS Food Security Conference '09. Message: Creating a sustainable future through agriculture. Client: Caption Reporters, Inc. Message: Seeing what others hear.
Matthews Memorial Baptist Church logo Patton Law Firm logo
Message: The word of God delivered by people through the aid of the Holy Spirit to the world. The diamond shape represents the original geographic shape of the District of Columbia. Client: Patton Law Firm, P.C.
Freddie Mac logotype Moondance Productions logo
Client: Freddie Mac Client: Moondance Productions.

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