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It's usually the first glimpse of a film or video concept and a key element in the "pitch." It can be as simple as a few black and white thumbnails or more developed full color illustrations. Either way, the storyboard is an essential part of any major production. These are just a few examples.


Richfield Productions - frame 1Richfield Productions - frame 2Richfield Productions - frame 3
Richfield Productions. Excerpts from railroad safety public service announcement.
Cortina Productions. Frame2Cortina Productions. Frame3Cortina Productions. Frame4
Cortina Productions.
DLA frame opening one DLA frame opening two DLA frame opening three
Defense Logistics Agency. Excerpts from the 2D and 3D composited video show open.
Sir Nick of Tyme book coverSir Nick of Tyme kingSir Nick of Tyme town crier
Sir Nick of Tyme storyboards.
Helicopter missionRescue attemptSoldierHelicopter
Military reenactment storyboards.

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