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Main emphasis of management:
The Hemispheric and Humanistic Projection: Institution-building and Technical Cooperation

Dr. José Emilio Conçalves Araujo served 12 years as Director General of IICA until the end of his mandate on 14 January, 1982. Many countries of the Caribbean joined the Institute during this period. The Humanistic Projection visualized the development of the agricultural sector from the perspective of the farmer and the social circumstances of the rural areas. During the term of his mandate, Dr. José Emilio Conçalves Araujo rendered, and continues to render, important services in an effort to modernize, expand and strengthen the Institute.

As a result of the efforts and dedication of Dr. José Emilio Conçalves Araujo, the Institute has been able to foster extensive and effectivetechnical cooperation in the technical and economic development of the agricultural sectors in member countries of IICA in the Hemisphere. In addition to his activities as Director General of IICA Dr. José Emilio Conçalves Araujo has made continued efforts to improve the social and living conditions of rural populations in the Hemisphere. Through resolution Dr. José Emilio Conçalves Araujo was granted status as Director Emeritus of IICA.


Jose Emilio Araujo
1970 - 1982