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Main emphasis of management:
Establishment and Consolidation: The Origins.

Mr. Earl N. Bressman was IICA’s first Director General. During his tenure, from 1942 to 1946, he provided the Institute with invaluable services. Working from offices in Washington D.C., Bressman achieved legal representation for IICA in the United States and Costa Rica and managed the approval and ratification of the Multilateral Convention of IICA. He was responsible for the structuring of IICA’s research and education programs, as well as the physical construction in 1943 of the first field office, located in Turrialba, Costa Rica.

He established five programs areas: agricultural engineering, animal production, entomology, plant production and soils. As a result of his efforts and dedication, IICA was firmly established as an Institute at the service of its Member States. Through a resolution Mr. Earl N. Bressman was granted the title of Director Emeritus by IICA.


Earl N. Bressman
United States of America
1942 - 1946