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Main emphasis of management:
Consolidation of the New Institution

Dr. Francisco Morillo Andrade, completed his term on
January 14, 1986, and fulfilled four years in the position of
Director General of IICA. During his administration, Dr. Francisco Morillo Andrade provided important services to modernize and strengthen the Institute. He promoted consolidation of the new organization and developed general policies to treat with issues of land tenure, farmers’ organizations, production and marketing, the role of science and technology and institutional problems in the countries. The organization developed new programs in Animal and Plant Health and was a key player in the eradication of African swine fever from Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

As a result of the work and dedication of Dr. Francisco Morillo Andrade, the Institute provided broad, effective technical cooperation at the national and hemispheric levels, to benefit agricultural and rural development of the Member States of IICA. During his term as Director General of IICA, he demonstrated superior technical capacity and an elevated spirit of service. Through resolution Dr. Francisco Morillo Andrade was granted status as Director Emeritus of IICA.


Francisco Morillo
1982 - 1986