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Main emphasis of management:
Revitalization of Agriculture.

Dr. Martin E. Piñeiro, completed his term of office on January 14th, 1994, fulfilling the maximum term of eight years as Director General of IICA, as allowed in the Convention on the Institute.

During this period, emphasis was placed on strengthening the technical leadership of the Institute and five programs were defined which were: (i) Agricultural Policy Analysis and Planning, (ii) Technology Generation and Transfer, (iii) Organization and Management for Rural Development, (iv) Trade and Integration and (v) Animal Health and Plant Protection.

As a result of the vision and dedication of Dr. Martin E. Piñeiro, on January 15, 1994 he was granted status of Director Emeritus of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) through resolution.


Martin E. Piñeiro
1986 - 1993